Operation Christmas Child

About the Ministry

Since 1993 Operation Christmas Child has been a branch of Samaritans Purse.  It is now the worlds largest International childrens ministry.  A simple gift of a shoebox to a child filled with hygiene items, school supplies, and toys is delivered to children from over 100 countries along with the Gospel of Christ.  Following this simple gift the child is then given the oppportunity to attend a discipleship program called The Greatest Journey to further their knowledge of Christ.  

Our Participation

Beaver Lick Baptist Church has participated in Operation Christmas Child for many years.  As well as putting together our own shoeboxes we have also participated as one of the ministries local drop off centers for others in the area to bring in their shoeboxes during collection week the 3rd week of November each year.

Past Participation







2019 collection schedule

January--hats, gloves, scarves

February--stuffed animals

March--toys, misc for boys

April--hygiene items, toothbrushes, combs

May--soap, washcloths

June--toys, misc for girls

July--clothing items

August--school supplies

September-accessories, glasses, hair pieces, etc

October--toys, misc items

November--letter, photos